Match the verbs on the left with words on the
right to the make phrases. Make up 8 sentences with these phrases.

to spend a fire
to feed a lot of time out door
to go the guitar
to walk the farm horses
to grow vegetables and fruit
to play sightseeing
to visit places of interest
to make in the fields

помогите строчно!5 слов с ch например chinaи 5 слов c sh

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Проверенные ответы содержат надёжную, заслуживающую доверия информацию, оценённую командой экспертов. На "Знаниях" вы найдёте миллионы ответов, правильность которых подтвердили активные участники сообщества, но Проверенные ответы - это лучшие из лучших.
to spend       a lot of time out door
to feed          the farm horses

 to go    sightseeing  
to walk     in the fields

to grow      vegetables and fruit
to play        the guitar
to visit      places of interest
to make   a fire
I want to  go   sightseeing in Moscow.
Can you play the guitar?
I like walking in the field and feeding the farm houses.
My sister spends a lot of time out door with her friends.
I think it is interesting to visit places of interest in different cities.
It is not difficult to make a fire if you have matches.
My grandmother grows vegetables and fruit.
I walk in the fields when the weather is fine.