Open the brackets and use either the Past Indefinite or the Past Continuous. 1, We (walk) in silence when he suddenly (ask) me to help him. 2.1 just (have) breakfast when the telephone (ring). When I came back to my coffee, it (be) cold. 3. When I (finish) my letter in the hall, a tall beautiful woman with red hair (enter). A dog (follow) her. 4. Ann (drop) two cups while she (wash up) last night, but neither of the cups (break). 5.1 (walk) along the street watching what (go on) around me. Fast cars (rush) in both directions and it (be) impossible to cross the street. 6. The old man who (sit) on the bench beside me (keep) silence. Then suddenly he (turn round) to me and (begin) to speak. 7.1 (stand) near the fence when suddenly I (hear) the voices. 8. He well (remember) the day when he first (go) to school. 9. We (talk) about Jim when he (run) into the room. 10. The day was marvelous: the sun (shine), the birds (sing) so we (decide) to go for a walk. 11. Miss Brown's telephone (ring) when she (dress). 12.1 (light) my pipe and (nod) to him to show that I (listen). 13. When he (come) into the office the secretary (do) a crosswords puzzle. 14. Why you (not listen) to me while I (speak)? 15. He (wait) for her, but she never (come).


Ответы и объяснения

The Past Continuous Утвердительная формаВопросительная формаОтрицательная форма... + was/were + IVWas/Were ... +  IV ?... was/were not +  IVI was playing.Я играл. (в то время, когда... )Was I playing?Я играл?I was not (=wasn't) playing.Я не играл.HeSheItwas playingWashesheitplaying?HeSheItwas not playing=(wasn't playing)WeYouTheywere playingWereweyoutheyplaying?WeYouTheywere not playing=(weren't playing) Сокращенные формы :   was not = wasn’t [wOznt];    were not = weren’t [wWnt] Past Continuous образуется при помощи вспомогательного глагола to be в прошедшем времени ( was, were ) и причастия настоящего времени смыслового глагола - Present Participle (IV-я форма или  ing-форма). См. Приложения: Правила образования и чтения -ing форм.    Past Continuous употребляется для выражения:(основные случаи употребления)1.