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Perhaps , it is difficult to name a more appropriate , more heroic and responsible profession , rather than the medical profession , from ancient times inspires reverence and awe of the extraordinary range of knowledge and a desire to do good.

A man in a white coat - this image is an immense respect , his daily work is aimed at alleviating suffering and saving lives , and this one fills the mind with admiration and gratitude.

The one who made ​​the decision to become a doctor , happen to adequately pass an unusually difficult period of training, which will continue throughout the work. Self-improvement , constant and methodical expansion of knowledge and skills - these activities will be accompanied by a doctor all my life, because without them, even the most talented specialist will not be able to achieve the true heights of success and labor . And the more important the doctor's desire for self-development , that of each of its reasoned decision depend on the health and lives of his patients.

Those who dream of the medical profession , to be sure , and in their own high ability to work , self-sacrifice and the ability to carry a huge mental and physical stress.

But most importantly, what the doctor should have - the love of the people. Learning to love people to delve into their problems , to listen and to be extremely careful not easy. To do this, you must be a really good and strong man, and then the good will return a hundredfold to those who dedicates his every day with people who are suffering .