1. I have got a dog but my brother _______ have one?
a) don't b) isn't c) doesn't
2. It's six o'clock in the evening. George ______ his homework
a) Will do b) Is doing c) has got
3. _____ you ____ all the rules of English grammar?
a) Are, remembering b) Did, remember c) Do, remember
4. Don't forget to take your umbrella. It ____ heavily
a) is raining b)rain c) rains
5. When my cat was a little kitten it ____ a lot of milk
a) like to drink b)is drinking c)drank
6. Where ____ your friend live
a) is b) will be c)does
7. I'll hide my lovely picture and you ____ find it anywhere
a) will b) won't c) don't
8. ____ men better than women
a) Is b)Do c) Are
9. Who ____ in this lovely house
a) does live b) lives c) is living
10. Too many puppies ____ in this doghouse
a) lives b) live c) are living
11. It ____ snow much here in winter
a) doesn't b) isn't c) won't
12. There ____ very many presents in Santa Claus' bag.
a) were b) is c) will
13. How many apples ___ on the table
a) are b) are there c) do there
14. Mice always ____ something
a) eat b) eats c) don't eat
15. She ____ on the bank of the river and ____ how the children are playing.
a) sits, sees b) is sitting, is watching c) is sitting, watches
16. In the afternoon Ann usually ____ her mum about the house
a) helps b) is helping c) helped
17. She usually ____ jeans and T - shirts, but today she ____ a dress
a) wears, is wearing b) is wearing, wears c) wears, wears
18. Frank is good at swimming, because he ____ a swimming - pool every day
a) is visiting b) visits c) visited
19. Hi! Where ____ you ___
a) do, go b) are, going c) did, go
20. When the weather ___ rainy last summer I ___ indoor
a) will be, will play b) was, played c) is, play
21. "Tom! ____ you ___ me?" asked Aunt Polly
a) will, hear b) are, hearing c) do, hear


Ответы и объяснения

1. c) doesn't
2. b) Is doing
3. c) Do, remember
4. a) is raining
5. c)drank
6.  c)does
7.  c) don't
8. c) Are
9. b) lives
10. b) live 
11. a) doesn't 
12. a) were
13. a) are   или b) are there, я не уверена
14. a) eat 
15. b) is sitting, is watching
16. a) helps
17. a) wears, is wearing
18. b) visits
19.  b) are, going
20.  b) was, played
21. b) are, hearing