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My mother is the best in the world. Why? Because she gave to me one of most gifts in life is life. She expected me long 9 months and prayed to God, that I was born healthy.  She cherished me and worried about me. I felt it each by the cell, every atom of the little pitiful little body. What did combine us? Our connection was continuation of our commonunication on a draught these same 9 months my life and her expectation. I know, she will worry about me all my, no, not correctly, right through life. And every my failure, every vexation and pain, will very exasperate maternal sensible heart. But never she will turn aside from me, because name I to MOTHER her, better in all and  most saint name I on a planet and in Universe. I love you Mother !!!
вибачте, відповідь не в тему.
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