составить текст на АНГЛИЙСКОМ (9 предложений минимум) все слова должны быть в тексте и каждое предложение должно подходить по смыслу из слов : to support, to betray, to envy, to feel jealous, to ignore, to deserve, to quarrel, to appreciate something, to avoid


Ответы и объяснения

I'm very kind person. If I see that some one need my help, I do it! often I support people, if they had some problems. I never betray someone. It is very bad.I think, that envy not so good feeling.But what is it feeling jealous i know, every one how love now what is this. I never ignore people, i like to have  good and intresting dialogue.But if i really don't wan't to talk with someone, he deserve it himself. I don't like to quarrel, and beсause i have so mush friends.To avoid сonflict i ask forgiveness first. Appreciate you friends and parrents, they are the best.
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