Writing - a personal letter

You are on a student exchange in the United Kingdom. You"re staying with a British family. Write a personal letter to a friend and describe your experiences. Write about:

-The family you"re staying with and their lifestyle.
-The town/village where you are staying.
-The weather.
-How you"re spending your time and places you"ve visited.
-An interesting experience you"ve had.


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 Hello, Tanya!

How are you doing? My mom called me yesterday and she said that you asked her to give you my e-mail! You're my best friend for so long and you still don't know my email address! Haha, it's okay though.

Firstly I have to say that I'm missing you so much! I'm missing you and my family. But here, in London I also met so many lovely people! I absolutely love them, I'll tell you about them later.

Here I'm staying with a good family. They're not like my parents and sister actually, I feel like they all are just my friends. I like talking to them, cause I like their British accent. Their surname is Butler, that is so cool!

London is such an awesome city! I like it a lot, all my free time I try to be outside. The weather here is good now, but sometimes it's cloudy and rainy.
I visited many interesting places here. I went to the Madame Tussaud's museum, went for a walk on the Piccadilly street, took some photos from London Eye and had picnic with my step-parents in the Hyde Park.

But the most interesting place here is the British Museum! After visiting it I had so many emotions and I took about 1000 pictures there! Well, you know, I love art. So I think that it was absolutely incredible and I'm so happy I could have had this experience.