Guided writing

Write a letter to a friend about a sporting holiday that went wrong. Use the letter on this page and the paragraph guide below to help you.

Paragraph 1: ask your friend some questions about his or her summer and tell him or her that your holiday went wrong
Paragraph 2: explain what the disaster was
Paragraph 3: explain the consequences of the disaster
Paragraph 4: give an excuse to stop writing

Don"t forget to use greetings, goodbyes and linking words. Check that you have used commas correctly in the letter.


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Dear Andrew, 
I was very glad to hear from you. I haven't written for ages because of my school activities. 
How did you spend your summer holidays? Where did you go and what was interesting?                
Now I want to tell you about my summer holidays. When the holidays came, I was very happy!  The weather was fine, so my friends and I went for a walk every day. It was fun! Then my sport friends and I went to the seaside where the beach-voleyball competition took place. We had a good rest spending much time on the beach after our matches. I enjoyed watching how little boys were making sandcastles. My close friends Nick and Igor enjoyed swimming and bathing, and we all liked watching waves. Suddenly, I noticed that not far from the place we were it became darker and darker, and the waves were bigger and bigger. It was the beginning of great storm, I thought. A strong wind blew and tore everything on the way. Umbrellas, sun beds, blankets, things were in the air. It just got quite dark and scary. Everybody was frightened and started running away from  the sea. We ran to our hotel too. There we felt more safely. It was very amazing but we were very frightened.
I would not like to go through this again.

That's enough for me today. I have to go to the gym now. 
Best regards to your family.

Write soon. 

Yours Alex


                                                                                     10 Kirova street

Dear Adam,

Thank you for your letter. How are you? How was your summer holiday? I must say that mine was horrible!

First of all, when I arrived at the airport I couldn’t find a way to my hotel. Almost everyone couldn’t speak English so they couldn’t tell me where to go. When I finally got there it turned out that there weren’t any spare rooms so I had to go to another hotel. When I arrived there I found out that the room service there is awful. What is more, the food there was disgusting.

When I got back home I was really happy. At the hotel I felt sick because of the food. The first thing that I did when I arrived home was going to the doctor and he told me that I was ill and had to take some pills. 

Well, I have to go now as I have to clean up my room. Write back soon!
Best wishes,
[твоё имя]