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My best friend.

My best friend's name is Kate. She's 10 and she's my classmate. We also are neighbours, so we can see each other every day. We spend together a lot of time. Sometimes I stay for a night in her house and sometimes she stays in mine. We have many common interests. We listen to the same music, read the same books and watch the same movies & series. I love Kate because she's very kind and beautiful girl and she is a great friend! 
My best friendname is (имя) She is (возраст) years old. She has a sister/brother. She lake lisen to rock. She has a cat/dog. she is fanny and very beautiful. Also she’s very careful and polite. We are of the same age and she’s my school-mate. Her favourite subjects are mathematics and literature.She has long straight hair and big brown eyes. We help and support each other. We like to watch films together.(имя) is wonderful friend.