Пожалуйста очень прошу, небольшое сочинение Почему мне нравится и не нравится ходить в школу на английском. ОЧЕНЬ НАДО!!!


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When I was little and went to kindergarten, then looked with envy at their older sisters and wanted to go to school as soon as possible. I wanted to quickly sit down at the desk and start learning. It's time has come quietly. And now, I'm a student of the third class.
By this time, I and my peers have learned a lot, become more confident to write, well-regarded, to solve problems and equations, fast read. We have new friends - classmates. We are celebrating the holidays together.
What we learned in school, what they have learned, is useful to us in our future life. Every day at school is interesting, brings us new knowledge discovery.
School and our class teacher, my classmates during that time I became family. Here, I got knowledge, here we learn to communicate with each other. And I have yet to learn while studying at school! So I go to school.