Give it a name.
1. not fashionable any longer 2. to translate smb’s speech into another language 3. willing to help, useful 4. to know and to understand the importance of something 5. later, after that 6. to understand 7. a group of words used together as a word combination with a special meaning 8. the part of a building that supports it 9. rise and fall of the voice 10. ordinary, not special or the middle member of a group 11. training someone by doing an exercise again and again 12. connected 13. fashionable, modern or new 14. sad or unhappy because the things you hoped for do not happen 15. to do something often so that you will do it well 16. taking or acting in a way that makes other people sad or angry. ((помогите))


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1. old-fashioned
2. interprete
3. helpful
4. realise
5. then
6. to get
7. collocation
8. foundation
9. tone/loudness
10. normal
11. repeat/revise
12. related
13. contemprorary
14. disappointed
15. improve/perfect
16. disturb