Complete these sentences by putting the abjective in brackets into the comparative or superlative form. 1) Maths is(difficult) than Science. 2) This pupil is(bright) in the school. 3) This year I have (many) subjects in my timetable than I had last year. 4) He has (funny) nickname. 5) Our English Language teacher is (good) than their English Language teacher. 6) I think Literature and History are (interesting) subjects.

1) more difficult,2) brighter, 3) many,
alenapronkina , во втором превосходная степень,а в третьем наоборот сравнительная. Так что мой ответ верен.

Ответы и объяснения

1) more difficult 2) the brightest 3) more 4)the funniest 5)better 6) the most  interesting