Fun with Chip 1. Write Possessives. 1) the name of my brother ________________________________________. 2) the toys of his friends _____________________________________. 3) the kittens of her cat __________________________. 4) the books of my teacher _______________________. 5) the friends of the boys _______________________________________. 2. Complete the sentences. Use your imagination. Hi ! My name is Kate. This is my mother. Her name is Nora. She is a ____________________. My ________ name is Boris. He is a _____________________. My ________________ names are Ben and john. They want to be _________________. l want to be a __________.


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My brother's name
His friends' toys
Her cat's kittens
My teacher's books
Boys' friends
2. She is a teacher.
My brother's name is Boris.
He is a pupil.
My cousins' names are Ben and John.
They want to be doctors.
I want to be a singer.