Надо описать внешность этого человека на английском. ПОмогите очень надо


Ответы и объяснения

Sophia my neighbor on the Desk. Already the second year I'm sitting at a Desk with Sonja, He's a good girl, but naughty and not attentive in class. Sonia, as no one is able to keep other people's secrets, confidently go to the blackboard, not having home tasks, quickly and without errors rewrite neighbor control of algebra. She already, our Sonia! In General, it is very funny. Tall and slim, she is very clever . Her whole figure indicates that Sonia is friends with sports. And it is really so, as the best volleyball players in all Parallels are not. Her round face, dotted with freckles spout. A small nose in scratches. Her hair bright dark. Brown eyes and seems to be looking out for some attention. Hands and feet at my neighbour's always in scratches. As she explains it all tricks of her beloved cat. I like that I sit at a Desk with a girl in class