Составьте 5 предложений в Настоящем простом времени, и 5 предложений в Настоящем продолженном. Дам 35 баллов.


Ответы и объяснения

Present Simple.
1)I forget where he lives.
2)We are told she has a strong American accent.
3)The timetable shows the next train, the 10.45 to Dover  leaves from platform 15.
4)I don't know what to give my brother for his birthday.
5)He feels in a position to lend her money.
Present Continious:
1)What magazine are you reading?
2)We are having an English lesson now.
3)Your hear what she is saying?
4)We are playing a tennis match on Sunday.
5)Harry is always forgetting his things at home!