Пожалуйста, помогите подготовить пересказ по этому тексту на английском языке. Как можно короче желательно!!!
HE SAVED THEIR LIVES Suddenly Mary and her friend Margaret heard steps in a small yard. Mary went out and, stopping the first man she saw, asked what had happened. “Eh, girl, don’t you see the fire over there? Carson’s factory has been set on fire”. And the man ran off. “Come, Margaret, let us go’ and see the fire. I never saw one”. In two minutes they were ready. At the door they met John Barton and told him the news. “Yes, Carson's factory is on fire,” he said. “It will be difficult for them to put it out, because there is no water around there. Well, I don’t think the Carsons will feel unhappy about it - their old factory is insured“.” He let the girls pass. They soon joined the crowd‘ that had gathered not far from the burning building. Women were crying. The western end of the factory was now on fire. And there, at one of the windows on the fourth floor, two men could be seen. For some reason or other‘ they had remained in the factory after the rest of the workers had left. The thing was that they had not seen the fire approach‘. Now the two men stood there unable to get down as the staircase’ had been destroyed by the fire. Suddenly the crowd became silent. Mary and Margaret looked in the direction where everybody was looking. They saw some men in the window of the house opposite the burning building. The window frame“ had been taken out and long ladder“ had been pushed out of the window, towards the burning building, across a narrow street. It was a sort of” air bridge high above the ground. The crowd gave a loud shout as one of the men stepped out of the window onto the ladder and quickly went towards the burning factory. He got over and jumped into the other window. “There is he again!” shouted the people when they saw him out on the ladder with an unconscious man on his shoulders. “It’s Jem Wilson!” Margaret cried out. Jem moved slowly, the ladder shook under him. The people watched him holding their breath“. At last he reached the opposite window. In a few moments the hero appeared on the ladder again. He was going over for the other worker. But on his way back he moved very slowly. Suddenly he stopped. holding the other man on his shoulders. The crowd stood silent with horror. Many shut their eyes not to see Jem fall. There were only four or five steps left between the brave man and the window. Gathering all his strength he took another step forward... another... still another. At last he reached the window. The lives of two men had been saved.


Ответы и объяснения

1.Выучи сначала легкие предложения , а потом постарайся выучит сложные.
2.Выучи главное и все 
Прочитайте на русском выпишите главное на русском и учите на англ-яз
да пробовала. мне просто текст нужно сократить своими словами и переписать. а рассказать - это проще простого.
Ну не знаю мы всегда так делаем!
рассказать смогу, память хорошая, а сократить не могу, тем более своими словами...