переведите предложения на английский) только не с помощью переводчика,а норм)

поставлю лучшее решение,если все будет правильно переведено...хотя бы упр.18 и в 17 под какой-нибудь буквой

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***** 17 *****
1. Have you shown your work to your friends? — No, it isn't ready yet. 
2. I've seen this film. Have you? — Yes, it's an interesting film.  
3. My sister has graduated from the Foreign Languages Institute and works as a school teacher.
4. I've read the book in English and advise you to do so.
5. Ann has got a new flat. Have you seen it? — Yes, I was there last week.
6. Look! He has written new words on the blackboard.
7. Where are the magazines? — I've taken them home.  
8. Have you seen the film on TV? — No, I haven't got time. I 'm working much now. 
9. Has he revised the rules of 5th Lesson? Does he know them?  
10. Have you been to the park? — Yes, I have.  
1. She has just returned.  
2. I've already translated these sentences into French. 
3. Have you ever been to Bulgaria? — Yes, it's a very beautiful country.
4. He has always wanted to have a good library at home.  
5. I've never seen this man before. 
6. Have you spoken to your friends about this yet?
7. We haven't done the exercise on Page 13 yet.  
8. Can you wait? We haven't yet had supper. 
9. What is your son doing? — He has just come and is playing chess with his father.   10. Where is Nickolay? — He has already gone to bed. 
11. Take these magazines. I've already read them.
12. Have you done your lessons yet? — Not yet.  
13. I’ve learnt many new French words lately.
14. We haven't yet seen the centre of your town. We have just come.
15. He's written two articles lately.
16. Where's your daughter? — I've already taken her to a nursery school.  
17. I haven't yet been to the new theatre.
18. She has never translated such difficult articles before.
1. We have bought a new TV set this year. 
2. Have you seen Peter today? — Yes, I have.
3. I've rung him up several times this week.
4. Today I've received a letter from my brother. 
5. My sister has finished school this year. 
6. We haven't been to their place today.  
7. Have you been to the theatre this week? — No, I haven't.  
8. He has gone to Kiev today.  
9. We have finished the work this week.
10. This year he has read some books by Jack London. 

***** 18 *****
1. Ann rang me up in the morning.  
2. I've sent two telegrams today.
3.  We have moved to this flat lately. — When did you move? — A month ago. 
4. I already know her. She's a good person.
5. What does he usually do at this time? — He usually does his lessons. However, today he has already done his lessons and he's playing chess with his friend now.
6. Have you shown Boris the article? — No, I gave it to Nickolay yesterday. 
7. Why have you opened all the windows? The weather is cold today.  
8. I've received a letter from my sister lately. She's got married. — Have you seen her husband before? — Yes, I know him well. 
9. Are you reading "White Fang"? — No, I've read the book already and I'm reading "The Picture of Dorian Gray". I took it at the library a few days ago. 
10. We already discussed this question on Wednesday. 
11. Why haven't you brought me these magazines? — I am sorry, my brother is reading them now. 
12.  When were you in Minsk last time? — Last year.  
13. Have you been to the country this week? — Yes, we went there on Sunday. The weather was very warm. 
14. When are you going to see your parents? — I've been to their place this week.
15. What time did you have supper today? — At 8 o'clock in the evening.  
16.  She's not at home now. She's done her lessons and she's playing tennis now.
17. When did you return today? — Late. 
18. What are you going to do now? — We have just had dinner and we are going to watch TV.  
19. Have you read… :)