Say how you prefer to spend your holidays: travelling by car, cycling, hiking or staying in a city / the countryside. explain your choice. ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!

ух как далеко(((((
до меня 1000 км) 15-16 ч
))) ну как там дело?
ответ готов?

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I really like holidays, who doesn't like them? It's time when you can do what you want and when you want. Some people stay at home and sleep all days, another like to walk with friends and sit in "subway" and they don't want to do something really helpful. And what about me.... When the weather is good on holidays me and my parents go to a forest. I like forest. There I pick up mushrooms and berries. There is too much blueberry and strawberry.
But if the holidays are long our family travels by car. It's comfortable and we can visit all cities we want. For example we are going to Saint Petersburg to see hermitage and Russian museum with beautiful bridges. On our way we can visit Yaroslavl or vologda. I think it's nice cities. We can stop when we want and walk in different places for a long time. And this way of traveling isn't so expensive. It's cool.
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