Complete the sentences.Use the verbs in the box with can,can't,could or couldn't.
drink listen play ride start up understand
We can't play squash,but we love watching it.
1)I ________milk when I was a child,but I hate it now.
2)We_______to school until we were eleven,but now we _____ our bikes every day.
3)He didn't do his homework because he_____the question.
4)My mum_____our computer.She isn't at all practical!
5)My dad turned off the radio because I_____to music while I'm studying.


Ответы и объяснения

I could drink milk when I was a child, but I hate it now.
We couldn't cycle to schooi when we were eleven, but now we can ride our bikes every day.
He didn't do his homework because he couldn't understand the question.
My mom can't start up our computer. She isn't at all practical!
My dad turned off the radio because I can listen to music while I'm studying.