Составьте по три предложения с каждым их этих оборотов:

to prepare for smth.;

to be greatly surprised;

in silence;

for smb’s sake.


Ответы и объяснения

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I was preparing for my wedding very seriously because it's the most important day in my life.
I have just prepared a surprise for you.
Don't disturb me because I'm preparing for the coming exam.

I was greatly surprised when I knew that you will have a baby soon.
greatly surprised because of your decision.
If you open this bag you'll be 
greatly surprised.

Don't touch me! I want to stay in silence.
It's an awesome moment when you can stay with your 
thoughts in silence.
I like to listen to the bird's songs in spring silence.

I can do anything for my mom's sake.
Stay here forever for my sake.
He won't let her go and do anything for her sake.