Напишите сочинение на тему Школа в моей жизни по вопросам:
1. Can you say that school is your second home?
Give your reasons.
2. What does school gove to you?
3. Do you have a favourite teacher?
4. That is an ideal teacher(pupil) in your opinion?
5. Why do some students hate school?
What does it depend on?
6. What is your idea of modern school?
7. Give your own idea of the school if future


Ответы и объяснения

I love my school. The school is my second home. At school I have a lot of friends. We love to learn together. The school gives me a lot of new knowledge. I do not have a perfect teacher, because I love all my teachers.  I want my school to become more modern. I think for that you can buy computers in the classrooms. So the children will learn even more interesting.