Напишите личные местоимения вместо существительных. 1.Tom is clever.-_______________________________. 2.JANE IS A TEACHER.-__________________________________. 3.Cambridge is a town in England.-______________________________. 4.Mike is five.-___________________________________. 5.Bod is happy.-________________________________. 6.My children are glad to see you.-_________________________. 7.Pete and I are friends.-________________________________.


Ответы и объяснения

1. He 2. She  3 It 4 He 5 He 6 They 7 We..Так что ли? оо"
  1.Tom is clever.- He is clever.                                                     
  2.JANE IS A TEACHER.- She is a teacher.
  3.Cambridge is a town in England.- It
is a town in England.                            
  4.Mike is five.- He
is five.                                                   
  5.Bod is happy.- He
is happy.                                                      
  6.My children are glad to see you.- They
are glad to see you.                               
  7.Pete and I are friends.- We
are friends.-