Помогите плиииз, английский!!((

нужно составить 11 вопросительных предложений и ответить на них,используя данные конструкции

1)What is your favourite...?
2)Have you ever...?
3)Where do you usually...?
4)Are you...?
5)Do you have...?
6)Do you...?
7)How old...?
8)What are you going to..?
9)When did you..?
10)Do you think you will..?
11)Would you like to..?

помогите пожаааалуйста :С


Ответы и объяснения

1). What is your favourite film? My favourite film is ""Hatiko".
2). Have you ever been in The UK? No, I never been in the UK.
3). Where do you usually buy food? Usually I buy food in market. 
4). Are you healthy? Yes, I am.
5). Do you have some sausages? No, i don't have any sausages.
6). Do you like to read books? Yes, I like to read books.
7). How old are you? I'm 23 year old.
8). What are you going to do? I going to do my homework.
9). When did you go to school? I did go to school in 7 year old.
10). Do you think you will be a teacher? No, I don't.
11). Would you like to visit the USA? Yes, I like to visit the USA.