What makes you a good friend? Is it difficult to find a true friend? мне надо написать не большое Эссе. помогите пожалуйста


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Friendship is one of the most important parts of our live, our hapiness.Everyone of us has friends, I guess. But is it true friendship? Am I good friend, or is he good friend? It worth to ask yourselves this question.It is very difficult to find a true friend, but we think that we have it, may be we just are kidded by ourselves?
One we know exectly, our live consist of unexpected situation, these are the best way to check each other, to know who is who?
Honesty! Honesty is the one thing which is needed to be good friend or a good person in your soul. No honesty -  no friendship. It is simple truth, which is forgotten since our existing. 
Is it difficult to be good friend? Everyone has different imagining being good friend. It depends on person,s bringing up. Being good in true meaning can be complecated for person who isnt good at all. If person is good he is good always without pretending, it worthless to be good for someone, you must be good for yourselves, for being highly good! вот)