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I agree with this statement. A man often thinks about himself: "I'm so stupid”, or "I am so fat", or ‘I am a looser!”. He is sure that he’s not worthy of being loved by anyone. Other people are treating him badly or unfair. Why? I can answer you: People treat him badly because he treats himself badly! It's as simple as that. Why would any men or women love or respect him when he  doesn't love and respect himself? You must change yourself and your way of thinking. We must change our thoughts about ourselves! We must think positively: “I am cool”, “That was really clever of me to do it that way”, “I look really nice”, “I can do anything I really want to do” and most important of all; “I am worthy of loving myself!”. Once you love yourself, and treat yourself with respect other people will love you and treat you with respect too.