Мне нужно написать не большой текст о музыке.. наподобие последнего фото...(фото №5) это перевод текста который представлен в учебнике(фото№1) можно просто сочинить текст о музыке на русском) перевести я смогу сама) текст не большой!! помогите пожалуйста!


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I like many kinds of music such as reggae,pop-music etc. BUt the most of all I like Hip-Hop. This style was born in America in Loss-Angeles in the late of 1980s.The great representative of hip-hop is 2pac.Many people call him "father of hip-hop'. This style of music listen teenagers. Elder generation does not understand this kind of music and i dont know why.First of all i like the music in this style.It can be very diffrence such as in one song it can be relaxed in other it can be more hard.Second of all i like themes that hip-hop singers use in their songs.
Finally i want to say that every person can listen to every style of music he or she like such as pop-music,jazz,rock etc.Hip-hop is my choice and i am going to listen it all my life. Как смог)))Надеюсь пойдет....