Вставьте в нужной форме: to sped,to go,to miss,to take.
1. last summer I ... abroad. I ... my parents and friends very mach.
2. Some girls like to ... shopping.
3. I like to ... the summer holidays in the country.But then I always ... the summer football machers in my city.
4. My granny had a nice puppy. I ...care of in when I stayed in the country.
5. My parents gave me a new camera. So I can ... A lot of pictures now.
6. All of my classmates will ... part in our school sports competition.


Ответы и объяснения

  • Anco
  • середнячок
1 went, missed
2 go
3 spend, spend (вроде так, по смыслу не очень поняла)
4 took
5 taking
6 не знаю:)