Ответы и объяснения

1 He turns on
2 he turned on
3 he will turn on
4 I always go
5 I was, I didn't go
6 I won't go, it will cost (или it costs)
7 Did they enjoy
8 Who will take care
9 How often do you go
10 we don't have, we are still having
11 she does
12 he  doesn't even know
13 they were rich
14 Do you think you'll be happy
15 will be ready?
16 will arrest, when he arrives
17 I like, do what they want
18 When was (is) your....
19 When did you get
20 Who created

6 Max usually washes. he went, he was in a hurry
7 doesn't like, prefers, he had, he went, It was. he says he will go
8 Where do you live?I live. It isn't far. I usually walk. my friend lives. he takes. I took, when I went
9 When did you last swim? I always swim. I go there. my friend does. he is a good swimmer. he will go to. I don't like swimming. I went. I didn't like it