Ask each other.Work in pairs.

went to the seaside.

visited mygrandparents.

went to the mountains.

lai in the sun.

I swam.

We went to the forest.

went to the river.


visited places of interest.

went to the theatre.

played games.

read books.


made new friends.

practised my English.


Ответы и объяснения


i went to the seaside

i  visited mygrandparents.

i went to the mountains. 

i   lai in the sun.

i swam.

 we went to the forest.

i  went to the river.

we   fished.

i   visited places of interest.

i  went to the theatre

we   played games

we  read books.

we  cooked. 

i made new friends.

we practised my English.