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1 Mother said to me: " I felt bad yesterday"
2 Grandfather said to Mary:" What mark did you get at school?"
3 " Will you play football with us?" said the boys Peter
4 "We shall go to the zoo tomorrow", said our grandmouther
5 Kate said to her grandmouther: " Help me to cook the soup, please"
6 Nick said: " I have never been to London"
7 "Don't make noise," said Tom's mother to him
8 Nellie said: "Will you remain to Omsk with your aunt?"
9 Nick said: "I remember everything"
10 "How much homework have you got for tomorrow?" John said to his brother


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1 Mother said to me she had felt bad the day before yesterday
2 Grandfather asked Mary what mark had she got at school
3 Peter asked boys if they would play football with them
Our grandmother said that they will go to the zoo the next day
5 Kate asked her grandmother to help her to cook the soup
6 Nick said he had never been to London
7 Tom's mother said to him not to
make noise
8 Nellie asked if I would remain to Omsk with my aunt
9 Nick said he remembered everything
John asked his brother how much homework he had got for the next day