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1 Mother said to me: " I felt bad yesterday"
2 Grandfather said to Mary:" What mark did you get at school?"
3 " Will you play football with us?" said the boys Peter
4 "We shall go to the zoo tomorrow", said our grandmouther
5 Kate said to her grandmouther: " Help me to cook the soup, please"
6 Nick said: " I have never been to London"
7 "Don't make noise," said Tom's mother to him
8 Nellie said: "Will you remain to Omsk with your aunt?"
9 Nick said: "I remember everything"
10 "How much homework have you got for tomorrow?" John said to his brother


Ответы и объяснения

1.Mother told me that she had felt bad the day before yesterday.
Grandfather wanted to know that what mark she had got at school.
3.The boys asked Peter if he would play football with them.
4.Our grandmother said us that we should go to the zoo the next day.
5.Kate asked to her grandmother to help her to cook the soup.
6.Nick said that he has never been to London.
Mother said to him, that he don't make noise.
9.Nick said that he remember everything.
10.John wanted to know how much homework has he got his brother.