1.Что нужно вставить спереди. What, Why, When, Where, Who.
1.--------- do you like?
2.--------- have you got in your bag?
3.--------- is phonsng?
4.--------- do you get up?
5.--------- are you smiling?
6.--------- hat is this?

2. Make up questions.Tell which of them are Yes/No questions and which are Wh-questions.
1)your father*s job,is,what
2)he,does,the washing-up,do,after supper
3)like,does,where,your friend
4)your family, in,who,the shopping,does
5)you, on weekdays, do, go shopping
Пожалуста помогите сделать эти 2 упражнения.


Ответы и объяснения

1. 1) What
2) What
3) Who
4) When
5) Why
6) What
2. 1) What is your father's job?
2) Does he do the washing-up after supper?
3) Where does your friend like? (тут не уверена, т.к. кажется, либо пропущено какое-то слово, либо здесь what вместо where)
4) Who does the shopping in your family?
5) Do you go shopping on weekdays?