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It is very necessary profession - a nurse. I want to go to school after medical school to learn this trade. We meet with these good men in white coats in early childhood, when my mother come to the clinic for vaccinations or in case of illness. Even then, you begin to understand the beauty of this work - to help people deal with the pain. Nurse to work not only interesting, but also difficult - in fact come across different patients. But it's nice to hear words of gratitude from the people who helped to get rid of the pain, or at least alleviate it, the villain. Nurses need to know a lot: the basics of biology, anatomy, massage and rules of first aid, the effect of major groups of drugs, medical devices and assignment rules for handling them. Also important is the practice: the ability to make a painless injection or vaccination properly apply a bandage, and more. Nurse wonder used to be called a nurse - for this profession is so important to have a good heart, to treat people with understanding and love. Important and necessary profession!