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1) Would you rather live in an apartment in the center of the city or in the house in the suburbs?
2) Would you prefer having your next birthday party at home or at a restaurant?
3) Would you rather start your own business or work in a company?
4)Would you prefer to sign up for a Chinese poety class or learn how to play the accordion?


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1. I would prefer to live in apartment in the center of the city, because it's more useful to get to working place or to school, or just to see something interesting
2. I would rather prefer to selebrate at a restaurant, bacause I have lots of friends and it wouldn't be comfortable to selebrate in our small flat
3. I would prefer to start my own business because if a company of a plant is your own's, everything depends on you and you are an architect of one's own fortunes
4. I would prefer accordeon lessons because Chinese is to difficult