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1) They hadn't a PE lesson yesterday. 
 Did they have  PE lesson yesterday?
2) He never gets up at 7 o'clock
In what time does he usually get up?

3) Children don't play tennis on Sundays.
Do children play tennis on Sunday?
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Had they a p.e.lesson yesterday? Thay had not p.e.lesson yesterday.
Does he always get up at 7... ? He does not get up at 7....
Are children usually play tennis on Sundays? Children are not play tennis on Sunday usually.
Will Nick go shopping tommorow?Nick will not go shopping tommorow.
Does she often run in the park? She does not often run n the park.
Did boys wash the floor last Friday? Boys did not wash the floor last Friday.
Will girls take care of animals next summer?Girls will not take care of animals next summer.