Напишите эссе по английскому языку a different language is a different vision of life

Другой язык – это другое видение жизни. Объем 200-250 слов


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      There are a lot of countries, people, cultures, languages all over the world. Theу are all different. Every country has its own culture and its own vision of life.
      When we try to learn foreign language we try to look at their life by their eyes. If you learn another language you can recognize how other people think. Because their language involves their customs, thoughts, faiths, sayings, stories, anecdotes, history and almost everything in their culture. For example, you may comprehend that most of British people are very positive people because to the question “ How are you?”  They never answer “bad”, they always  say “well”,”very good” and always ask you “and you?”.  British people are also very polite, their language has a polite way to refuse such as, “I am afraid I cannot do it”,” I am not sure I can do it” So there is almost no direct way to say No.  
      Nowadays a lot of people learn foreign languages. It becomes easier. We learn it at school, at university, with private teachers and in special learning centers. You can learn language by many ways and techniques. For example, you can communicate with native speakers in internet. It is easy and cheap.  You can take some courses just by one click. 
        If you can’t understand how learning language can change your behaviors and develop your capabilities, you must  go ahead and learn a foreign language at least .

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