Am a student of Pskov Teacher’s Training
University named after S.M.Kirov. I am in my first year now.

The students of
TTU must get a command of their profession and have a broad outlook. First of
all the students are engaged in studying. They do their best to acquire
necessary knowledge. For that purpose they must never miss seminars, lectures
and other classes and prepare their home

assignments regularly.

An academic year
lasts from September till June and is divided into terms each ending in
examination session. During every session we take credit tests and exams. This
time the students are left to work on their own. They attend consultations,
review and revise the material, read for exams in order not to fail them.
During the session students are always pressed for time. Those who pass the
exams successfully get extra scholarships.

All the days of
the term are really working days. Usually we have three or four classes every
day. We must attend all the lectures and seminars. Lectures are delivered by
the qualified lecturers and professors. During the lectures we listen to the
lecturers attentively and take notes. The seminars need special preparation. We
are to read our notes, all the necessary and additional literature, prepare reports
and write essays. At the seminars we speak on the subject by plan and take part
in the discussion. The teacher usually asks questions, checks up knowledge and
makes a conclusion. We have classes in rftany subjects. At the English lesson
we read, translate and retell texts, make up dialogues, do exercises, work with
the tape-recorder. We do our home-assignments either at home (in the hostel) or
in the reading hall. It usually takes much time to get ready for classes, so
after classes our working day goes on. There are good conditions for our
studies. Students receive state grants and many of them are provided with
hostel accommodation.

Many students carry out research in students’ scientific
societies. During the scientific conference they make reports and discuss
different scientific problems. Like many other students of our University I ‘m
going to participate in the scientific activities. Beginning with the second
ye?r we must write course papers.

If one does everything properly there is little spare time
left. Our recreation is usually connected with different parties, dances and
discotheque. We spend our leisure reading books, walking, going to the theatre,
cinema, concerts, watching TV. A vast majority of students go in for sports.
They join the sport clubs, various sections for the sporting interests of the
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Where do you study?
What do the students do to acquire necessary knowledge?
How many classes do the students usually have every day?
What do they do during the lectures?
What do they do during the seminars?
Do students need special preparation for seminars?
What do  students do during English lessons?
Where do they do their homework?
Do they need a lot of time for their homework?
What do they do d
uring the scientific conference?
Do students have spare time?
What do they do when they have spare time?
Do they go in for sports?
Do they go to the cinema or theatre?
Do they have exams?