Ответы и объяснения

Я как-то писала сочинение про свою подругу, может и тебе подойдёт. вот:
My best friend’s name is Paulina. I and my friends call her simple Polly. She’s 15 years old. She goes to school №1 in 10 class. We first met in swimming- pool. Since then we best friend. Polly have blond hair, blue eyes, snub-nose and freckles - she beautiful. She slim, medium growth and pretty. We have different appearance and character. Polly is very sociable, noisy, thoughtless and restless. I am friendly, quit, shy and thoughtful. We as though supplement each other. Polly love all the colors of the rainbow, therefore she has very bright and various clothes. She very much loves shopping even can spend for it all free time. Polly has a good sense of humor and I'm always cheerful with her. We have little in common, but we always find a reason to laugh and joke. We always find topic to say and talking all day. To us never happen boring. We have absolutely different interests. Polly is fond of a skateboarding and like watch soap operas and melodramas. I am not fond of a skateboarding. I like watch a fantasy and horror films. She's my complete opposite. We often argue and quarrel because of trifles, but we always solve our problems. I’m sure that we both are willing to help each other in need. I know that I can trust Paulina. I hope that we will be best friends always.