Пожайлуста помагите скласть 1. usually,home , Sundays ,at,stay,on, I. 2, likes, room, tidying,My,sister,har. 3. next, kitchen, living-room, the , Is, to, tho? 4. table tennis, I, playing, at, like, weekend, the. 5. father, in, the, works, on, Sundays, My, garden. 6 personal, on, desk, the, computer, is, The. 7. curhains, desk, The, are, above, the.8. early, gets up, Mr Brown, always.


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1. Usually I stay at home on Sundays.
2 My sister likes tyding her room
3Is the living -room next to the kitchen?
4I like playing table tennis at the weekend.
5My father works in the garden on Sundays.
6.The personal computer is on the desk.
7There are curtains above the desk.
8Mr. Brown always gets up early