Помогите сделать упражнение( 7 класс) вопросы с хвостиком, Заранее спасибо.( нужно продолжить)
1) You know everything about English grammar, ...?
2) You can tell an American from an Englishman when you talk to them, ...?
3) English is taught in all schools of russia, ...?
4) You will start learning Chinese this year, ...?
5) Students don't like to write tests in English or other foreign languages, ...?
6) Your parents have never learnt English or other foreign languages, ...?
7) Nowadays all educated people should know English, ...?
8) Students at your school speak English during the intervals as well as at the English lessons, ...?


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1)don't you
2)don't you
3)isn't it
4)won't you
5)are they
6)do they
7)shouldn't it
8)don't they