Сочинение о моей семье,
Семья состоит с 4-х человек!(Мама , папа , братик и я)
3-й класс


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My family is not big:a father, a mother a brother and me, but we are really united. My father is... years old.His name is ... and He is a (профессия). Dad is a really kind person and he will help me in an hour of need.
My mothers name is ... and She Is A (профессия). My mum is strict but fair. My mother is very sociable so she has a lot of friends also she is cheerful.
I have a little brother. His name is... and he is... years old. I like to play with him very much!
I spend a lot of time with my family and enjoy it very much.
Я писала без запятых для сокращении времени, а так вроде без ошибок. Удачи)