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To my mind, it’s fine when you have friends, who are able to understand and support you and help in difficult situations.All people are different, and you’re lucky if you have a person who share you views on life, and who is able to understand you. If you have such a friend, a real soulmate, so you’re not alone.I’d like to tell you about my best friend. Her name’s Maria, she’s 16. Maria attends the same school as me. She’s tall and slim good looking girl with brown eyes and blonde hair.We have much in common with Maria and we enjoy communicating with each other. She studies well, and her favourite subject at school is English. Maria likes to study foreign languages. Besides English she studies French and Italian by herself. She buys teach yourself books, watch TV programs, listens to radio programs and read fiction in foreign languages. Maria wants to be interpreter, so she’s going to enter Linguistic University.When we gather together, we walk, watch new movies, discuss them and talk about everything. We like to spend time together. In summer we go to the beach, swim in the river and lakes, play sport games outdoors, and walk in the parks. In winter we go skiing and skating.We’ve been friends for a long time. We absolutely trust each other. I can tell Maria about all my troubles and I know that she always helps me, if she can. I can call Maria at night, and she won’t be offended at me. She always tries to understand me and my feelings. Maria knows that she can rely on me too. So we’re real friends indeed.I’m happy to have such a good friend as Maria.