PLEASE)) Ребята помогите пллиз) срочно только без грамматических ошибок вот задание

what do you hope you'll have done by the age of forty-five? Write 5 sentences about your future


Ответы и объяснения

First of all, at the age of forty-five i hope i will have graduated from two universites and get an excellent degree. Moreover, i will be working as the president of grand company. The next, i will be earning so much money, so i will be able to buy a wonderful village abroad. What is more, i will have organised a charity company to help people who is in need. Finally, i will have a lovely family and some children.  
I hope that in the age of 45(forty- five) I'll have nice job with good income. Probably I'll be live in a big city in a cosy flat or a house. Also I'll have my own family with two children in it. My parents will be alive and live not far from me. And of course I'll be happy!