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At present my idols parents and some teachers at school. Parents for me are an example because they achieved everything that wanted. Also don't stop on the reached.

It is also possible to call some teachers my idols. Teachers, of course, all are good, but one of them is especially pleasant to me. Its lessons never seem to me boring, she adheres to the point of view, but never it imposes us, the pupils. It is judicious and very clever. All children being on its fates, always listen to it with "an open mouth". This teacher raises at me an involuntary smile. Certainly, it is an example for me.

All these people made the contribution to formation of my personality, and some do it and to this day, for what I am very grateful to them.
My idol Nicolas cage,
Often on the weekend, we with my parents to watch a film with Nicolas cage. His first film was in 1981, and I looked when I was 7 years old , it was not overlooked Comedy. Many of my friends don't like it, and I look forward with pleasure.
For the role in the film «Leaving Las Vegas» Nicolas cage received the award «Oscar»and the film «Adaptation» was nominated for an Academy award.
Despite the awards and popularity, he often took first place in the антирейтингах and was awarded a dubious honor to be called «the most irritating actor».
I wish that you like Nicolas cage.
Мой кумир  Николас Кейдж, Часто на выходных, мы с моими родителями смотрим фильмы с Николас Кейдж. Первый его фильм был в 1981, а я просмотрела когда мне было 7 лет , ето было не забываемая  комедия. Многи моим друзьям он не нравится, а я смотрю с удовольствием.За роль в картине «Покидая Лас-Вегас» Николас Кейдж получил премию «Оскар», а за фильм «Адаптация» был номинирован на премию Американской киноакадемии.Несмотря на награды и популярность, Кейдж частенько занимал первые места в антирейтингах и был удостоен сомнительной чести называться «самым раздражающим актером».Желаю что и вам понравился Николас Кейдж.