Put the verbs in brackets the correct form.
1)I(pack)_____________________my suitcase now.
2)Who normally (pack)____________your father's suitcase?
3)As a rule I (not save up)_______money.
4)What_____________you(save up)_________money for?
5)I (meet)_________________my friend tonight.
6)We never(meed)_____________on Sundays.
7)At the moment they(look)____________for their counsellors.
8)When Lisa(lose)__________a toy,she never(look)__________for it.
9)What___________you(do)___________?-I (wait)__________________for the next stopover.
10)Normally if Emily is lost,she never(cry)____________,but(wait)___________for her mum.


Ответы и объяснения


1. am packing

2. does pack

3. don't save up

4. are, saving up

5. am meeting

6. meet

7. are looking 

8. lost, looked

9. are, doing, am waiting

10. cries, waits