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1 He saıd he liked watching soaps
2 My mother said we were goıng to visit our granny
3 The trainer said to me that İ could win the competition if İ train hard
4 My Dad said that İ hadn't done my homework
5 Ann's sister said her favourite channel was BBC2
6 Our teacher said our tests were excellent
7 My friend said he had been to England in 1968
8 Our friends saıd that they were goıng to enter the same institute in summer
9 The teacher saıd to Ann that she would have to rewrite her sentences
10 My Dad said he had washed the floor, had cooked the dınner and had done the shopping and that then i  had to wash up the dishes
11 Tom saıd that he had had hıs last exam the day before
12 Tony saıd that the programme dealt wıth the with the lıves of people
13 Rosy saıd she would finish the work in time
14 Jack said that dad wouldn't allow him to watch those commercials
15 The teacher said the children would go out and bother their parents
16 The neıghbour said that the police would arrive in half an hour
17 the newspaperman saıd that those ads wouldn't interest people anymore
18 Her teacher of art said that she would be able to draw the comic
19 She said she was terribly cold
20 They said that they  were going to St Petersburg for holidays
21 He said he met Pete when he had been ın the lıbrary
22 he saıd to us that we should change the plan a lıttle bit
23 mother saıd that she had been cookıng at 6 p.m. the previous day