Пожалуйста составте 2 не сложных диалога (5вопросов 5 ответов) Вот темы для диалогом: 1In the Moning
2Before Classes
3In Class
4At Home


Ответы и объяснения

1.-Hello.How are you today?
  - Hello, i'am fine, thank you, and you?
  - Not bad, thank. It's very early. I don't know, how you gets up every day?!
  - Oh i understand you, but my mother says me every day:If you don't get up every day at school,you can become an uneducated person. And after this words, i get up every day at  school and i want to know a lot.
  - Your mother is very clever and this words changed me

3.-Hello students, i'm your new teacher
  - Hello
-Why are you so sleepy?
- Mm, maybe because is the first lesson
- Mayme, but on Tuesdays in the morning, you will have English lesson at first
 - Oh no!
 - Yes and that you wake up,
 you will do some exercises and written form at the end of the lesson passed your notebook!

ну как?
еще написать?
Давай, можешь 3 тему, используя слова to have one's English, In the Moning, to do exersise, a lot of, to have a dictation, sometaims Можно не все эти слова, спасибо)