Сombine these pairs of sentences by means of IF, in order to make new conditional sentences.
It may be necessary to change some words in some of the sentences in order to make complete sense.



Ответы и объяснения

A) If we had a car, we could be much more mobile
b) If you want to get a new house, you will have to earn a lot of money
c) You will complete the work more rapidly if you all work together on it
d) If we buy these goods this week, we will be allowed to sell them next week, and make some extra money
e) If you buy your essential commodities from us, perhaps we shall be able to sell them to you more cheaply than other shops.
f) If there had been no system of control, certain people might have decided to buıld............
g) They may increase their output if their employers ....
h) We may provıde some help now if you undertake to help us later