Кому не сложно помогите. хотя бы то что знаете.
1.-..your brother (live) in Moscow?
-No, he (not).He (live) in Kiev.
2.There....a policeman at the door. (like) reading books?
-Yes, I....I (like) to read very much.
4.She....pretty and friendly.
5.There....some mistakes in your dictation.
6.Where....the nearest bus stop, please?
7.-..the shops open at 8 o'clock?-No, they....closed.
8.It (sound) interesting.
9.You....a teacher, aren't you?
10.The Hays (seem) to be a really happy family.
11.When it....cold, we (put on) warm clothes.
12....that hotel expensive?
13.He (think) he....right.
14.The sweater....nice, the trousers....nice, too.
15.Bad news (travel) fast.
16.My hair (not) clean.
17.Mary (teach) Mathematics at school.
18.There....a programme for youth and two films on TV.


Ответы и объяснения

1 Does your brother live in Moscow?
No, he doesn't. He lives in Kiev.
2 There is a policeman at the door.
3 Do you like reading books?
Yes, I do, I'd like to read very much.
4 She is pretty and friendly.
5 There are some mistakes in your dictation.
6 Where is the nearest bus stop, please?
6 Do the shops open at 8 o'clock? No, they are closed.
8 It sounds interesting.
9 You are a teacher, aren't you?
10 The Hays seems to be a really happy family.