Что написать на тему, в какой стране вы хотели бы побывать и почему


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  • Kuwka
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В Великобритании. Там сейчас тур у Брингов :D
I want to visit in Moldova. Is a small but very beautiful country. I want to go there, because this country impressed me a lot. For example, their language. Surprisingly, but this simple and concise language so wonderful. Still, I like the sights. Fortresses, monasteries, churches... it's so wonderful. All it is with us, but in Moldova attractions reflect the country in great detail. And I like the kitchen. Their traditional dish is Mamaliga. I drooling from the same title... In Moldova, I want to visit the capital. It is a city of Chisinau. there is a very interesting house gate. I want to visit the small, beautiful Paradise Moldova!